Rent VR/AR Devices

Corporate Events

Want to take your clients, guests or customers into Virtual reality but don’t want to become a VR specialist?

Education Packages

Explorer the universe! Explorer the Micro verse! We bring cutting edge VR technology to schools to experience  the next wave of educational tools

Birthday parties

We will bring out VR adventure to your next  birthday with room scale encounters and multiplayer VR battles! For all ages! 

VR/AR Studio Services

Need 360 Content for MobileVR?

 “Daydream offers an unprecedented opportunity to dive into a kaleidoscope of experiences. With Daydream, you can explore new worlds, attend a sporting event or concert, enjoy your own personal cinema and so much more.”.  

Presentations , Product Showing,House Showings or Educational content can be delivered via our Mobile VR Platform rental services. Our Content engineers will load the preselected or provided package for delivery - work with you onsite to deliver a concierge service 

Mixed Reality Content Creation

VR/AR Content Engineering - Content is recorded using our equipment then post processed on the Spartan VR Cloud to be delivered to you.Typical turn around time is based on content but can be less then two weeks like:

  • ​​​Photogrammetry
  • PhotoRealistic 360 
  • Unity 

Mixd Reality (VR/AR) Consulting

 Our mission is to focus on tech that enables the mixed reality space to be completely under the creative control of their users. To reduce the intermediaries between the user and the experience by providing production quality content and expertise. 

  •  Biotech , Pharmaceuticals nd Data Visualization  - building presentations and ar simulations
  • Real estate -- building walk through's for local real estate firms giving a huge advantage - 
  • Live music streamed  through content partnerships with bands and venues -
  •  Educational Events with rentals of our mobile VR Spartan Backpacks we bring VR to the schools - 
  • Movie Theaters looking to build the next "only here" experience with VR Theater leveraging turnkey solution for Room-scale or Daydream Hyper-converged -VIVE VR Theaters-

Virtual Reality Bundles

New products are coming soon!


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